Sand Filter and Crushed Glass Media

Swimming Pool water cleaned by pool filter

Keep your pool water clean: upgrade your sand pool filter to a crushed glass pool filter.

We can help you upgrade your swimming pool filters. A typical pool sand filter is a plastic, fiberglass, or stainless steel tank that has sand and gravel for filtration. Sand Filter manufacturers recommend changing the entire sand bed every 7 – 8 years to prevent the buildup of oils, algae and bacteria.

Otherwise, the bacteria and algae forms a biofilm shield that is chlorine resistant as high as 50 ppm. Not a good thing when the recommended chlorine level in swimming pools is only 2ppm.

After 10 years of use, we strongly recommend replacing the sand in sand pool filters with a crushed glass media. The brand we use is permanent, it attracts and captures the bacteria and algae and prevents them from forming a biofilm. After upgrading to crushed glass filter media, your pool will be safer and you will notice an improved water clarity.

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