How to Upgrade Your Pool — What’s New in Pumps, Heating, Sanitation and Automation

Is your swimming pool or spa “old school”? If so, you’re probably paying more for energy and jumping through more hoops to use your pool than you need to be.

New technology offers you many ways to enjoy your pool and spa safely, conveniently and affordably. Here are the most popular improvements we install for customers in San Rafael, Novato and throughout Marin.

Energy-efficient pool upgrades

Swimming pool pumps — if you have a single-speed pool pump, it runs full-tilt 6 to 8 hours a day, using tremendous amounts of electricity. But now you can take advantage of economical programmable variable speed pumps — ask us about these amazing new generation pumps. Because they do the job better and more cost-effectively, you can expect energy savings in the 30% to 90% range.

Use the Pentair calculator to estimate how much you can save.

Get the benefits of a variable speed pump:

  • adjustable to give you the best spa jet velocity, solar efficiency and filtration — at the minimum energy usage
  • programmable
  • flexible, so we can match the pump speed to your system’s plumbing and hydraulic “personality,” no matter how old the pool is

pool and spa pump

New pool technology

Switch from pool to spa with the touch of a button — if you’re used to manually turning valves, switching on the heat and then waiting to use your spa, you’re in for a treat. Now we can easily automate an older pool, a feature owners of pool/spa combos are especially happy to hear.

Affordable and convenient, an automatic control system makes your entire pool/spa experience a true pleasure. From your house, you can switch motorized valves to the “spa” mode with the touch of a button. You can also activate the heater and set or change the temperature, and turn on the blower, lights and jets.

Portable device controls – To make your pool/spa even more enjoyable, we provide and install the newest iPhone/iPad and Android-controlled systems. You can control all functions from your portable device–from anywhere! Turn on your spa from work and it’s ready for you when you get home. Ahhh…

LED Pool Lighting (in white or colors) – Now you can replace your old incandescent 500- or 300-watt lights with an energy-smart LED fixture or bulb. The LEDs reduce your electricity consumption by a full 90%. And because LED bulbs last much longer than incandescent bulbs, you also save on replacement labor costs. Enjoy your lighted pool every night as a landscape feature, without guilt. See the videos of the ColorLogic® LED lights we use.

blue led pool light

UV Sanitation

With UV Sanitation you can neutralize up to 99.9% of bacteria with up to 50% less chlorine depending upon filtration run time. The combination of a variable speed pump and a properly sized UV system can dramatically reduce chlorine demand. We install Pentair “Bioshield” UV Systems.

Call us at (415) 258-8188 to learn how simple and inexpensive it is to automate your pool…