Pool Safety Must-Haves

Spa and pool combos can potentially present a serious drowning danger, especially to children. When the spa is on, if there is only one suction source, tremendous suction can be generated that can trap a child or small adult, pulling them by their clothing or hair.

We can retrofit your pool and spa with an anti-entrapment drain cover. These new generation VGB covers help you avoid drain accidents and liability, and provide peace of mind.

How to tell if your pool and spa needs a drain retrofit

If any of the following describe your system, then swimmers are at risk:

  • your pool and spa share a pump
  • your spa has one drain and no skimmer
  • your pool has a single source of suction

We’d be happy to check your pool and spa at no charge, and let you know if an unsafe condition exists.

Call us for a drain inspection appointment at (415) 258-8188.

Learn about the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act, a 2008 national law that specifies anti-entrapment drains for public pools. When a residential home is sold, the VGB Act is enforced.

Avoid shock hazards with equipment bonding
When flooding occurs in the equipment area of your pool or spa, it’s important that pumps and other metallic equipment are prevented from conducting electricity and causing dangerous shocks. That’s why we recommend an inexpensive improvement called equipment bonding. This safety measure is well worth its small price and it doesn’t take long for us to install it. Contact us and find out, at no charge,  how equipment bonding can protect you and your family.

Upgrade pool light safety
We can replace your old pool lights with new fixtures that fit right into the existing light niche. Consider saving energy and adding interest with LED low-voltage lights that change colors for incredible effects and do not bring 120 Volt current into your pool, eliminating one the most common causes of electrocution in swimming pools.

blue led pool light

Get in touch to schedule a free safety check of your pool lights or to get an upgrade estimate…