Our Approach


We believe that the best way to treat swimming pool water is to use only the finest chemical products that are safe, natural, and effective in order to reduce chlorine demand.

We use phosphate removers to eliminate a major food source for algae. Phosphates exist practically everywhere in our environment and are even added to our drinking water by local water municipalities to protect pipes from corrosion. Without removing phosphates on a regular basis from the swimming pool, levels quickly climb and algae becomes increasingly difficult to control even in highly chlorinated water. Once an algae bloom is present, super-chlorination or “shocking” is required to eliminate it and the pool must be shut down until normal chorine levels return.

We also use natural enzymes to rid the pool of oils and inorganic compounds which also reduce chlorine demand.

Environmental impact of swimming pools

Variable speed pumps versus single speed pumps

Variable speed pumps save tremendous amounts of electricity versus single speed pumps. Since pump speed can be programmed to suit the needs of your pool, old or new, you never use more electricity than you need. These pumps match the “hydraulic personality” of your pool, accommodating plumbing size, and the many other factors which require specific flow rates to achieve proper circulation.

These pumps are also considerably quieter than single speed pumps.


Solar pool heating versus gas heat

Solar heating has zero environmental impact whereas gas heating obviously has an impact. This is not to suggest that gas heating doesn’t play an important role in swimming pool comfort and use. Solar does not work to heat a spa, and it doesn’t work in the winter. It does, however, greatly reduce the demand for gas heat. THAT HELPS THE PLANET!

Traditional forms of chlorine (liquid, tabs, and granular products) versus Saline Sanitation

Saline (Salt) systems eliminate the need to manufacture, transport, and store pool chlorine. Instead, your pool manufactures its own chlorine in a controllable way. You can increase and decrease the strength easily. You use only pure, natural salt from the ocean, and then recycle that salt indefinitely.

LED Lighting

LED low voltage lighting, as with variable speed pumps, saves tremendous amounts of electricity.

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