Why Convert to a Salt Water Pool?

At Crystal Clear Pools, we specialize in the conversion and maintenance of salt water pools, so we have a lot to say about their benefits. If you don’t see the answer to your questions below, let us know. We’ll be happy to supply the information you need.

Advantages of a saltwater pool

Consistently pure, clean water
A saline purification system maintains perfectly healthy water in your pool, while eliminating the risks and problems associated with periods of very high or low chemical levels.

Naturally healthful and refreshing
Enjoy the natural therapeutic benefits of refreshing yourself in mildly salty water . . . with none of the discomforts of a traditionally chlorinated pool or spa. If you or family members suffer ‘chlorine allergies,’ you’ll find relief in a saline pool. No more red eyes, irritated skin or, damaged hair and bathing suits.

How does salt water chlorination work?

When we dissolve salt in water and subject it to a simple electrolysis process, it produces a very effective water sanitizer. For swimming pools, we create a very mild saline solution, about 1/3 the salinity of human tears or 1/12 as salty as the ocean. We use nontoxic and inexpensive table salt – the same pure salt found in sea water.

When the water and dissolved salt pass through the cell portion of the saline system equipment, it produces chlorine gas. This gas dissolves instantly and safely into the water, creating optimum levels of a sanitizing and oxidizing solution. This process prevents strong-smelling and irritating chloramines and other chlorine compounds from forming and leaves harmless, measurable sanitizers in the water.

The result is water that looks and feels pure, fresh and chemical free.

To monitor the sanitizer produced by the salt system, you use the same test kits as for standard chemical testing. Then simply adjust the system output to maintain the ideal sanitizer level.

Understanding and caring for your salt water pool

salt crystalsWill the salt corrode or damage my pool, or the pool equipment?
No, the salt content is so low that the water is similar in composition to eye-wash solution. Because the salt water is so gentle on equipment and swimmers, saline chlorination has achieved worldwide popularity.

Will I need to change my existing pump, filter or heater?
No, you may use your existing pool equipment, as long as it’s in good operating condition. If any part of your system is living on borrowed time, we’ll be happy to help you upgrade to a convenient, energy-efficient replacement.

How often will I need to add salt?
Once we’ve set up your salt water pool system, you will only add more salt to make up for what’s lost through water splash-out, rain overflow, filter backwashing, leaks in the pool, etc. Evaporation does not reduce your salt level nor is salt consumed in the saline purification process.

Where are saline systems used?
The saline method of water purification works for virtually any body of water that requires a sanitizer/oxidizer to maintain the water in a healthy, algae-free condition. Water circulation and filtration equipment as well as other aspects of water balance (such as pH control, for example) act in tandem with the saline system. In Novato, San Rafael and across Marin, we help homeowners and commercial pool owners convert to and maintain salt water pools, in-ground spas and large fountains.

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