In Marin, especially this year, watch out for leaks in your pool. The skimmer is, by far, the most common source of water loss. It’s the small vessel on the deck through which water is pumped to the filtration system.

New pool skimmer avoids water leaks & surrounding pebbled deck material can be matched.

New skimmer installed and deck finish matched

Although part of the pool, the skimmer is actually outside of the concrete shell. If not properly set in concrete at the time of construction, it settles with the surrounding deck and earth.

This can create a gap between the pool edge and the skimmer, causing water from the pool to leak into the ground.

Signs of a skimmer leak
Since most skimmers are made of plastic they can easily crack and lose a steady flow of water.  If you’ve had your skimmer crack epoxy-patched, you can be sure the patches will eventually fail.

Are you adding more than 2 inches of water per week to your pool? Or, are you using an auto-fill and experiencing excessively high water bills? Consider having your skimmer inspected. Suspect a skimmer leak if you’re losing water even though you have a pool cover to prevent evaporation loss, or if excess water usage happens in winter.

Call us for a low-cost inspection
Crystal Clear Pools offers an inspection service for pool skimmers and related equipment. We can also pressure-test your plumbing lines and, if required, bring in a professional leak detection crew (at additional cost). Should any repairs be necessary, we can make those for you.

When it’s time for a new skimmer, we are experts at installation. Here’s how we do it: cut a small section around the old skimmer and remove it. Then set the new skimmer in concrete to prevent movement and leaks. No worries about it looking patched — we can closely match most deck surfaces. And, we guarantee our skimmer replacements for 10 years.

The average cost of a skimmer/equipment inspection is $95. If we install a new skimmer, the inspection charge is credited toward the replacement cost.

Are you wasting money and losing precious water? Let us help. Contact us to schedule your inspection.