All around Marin, the leaves are falling. So it’s time to prepare your pool for the coming cold winter weather.

leaf in Marin poolSolar winterization – Prevent freeze damage by draining your solar panels and changing appropriate valve settings. If you need help, give us a call to schedule this service.

Bubble covers – Save the solar or bubble cover by removing it from your pool for the winter. Cold water will cause the cover to deteriorate rapidly, and besides, these covers serve no purpose in winter.

Salt systems – All saline system manufacturers recommend turning them off during the winter season and switching to liquid chlorine. Give your saline system a rest — we know that year-round use results in shorter cell life and it performs poorly in cold water.

Ongoing tasks for a trouble-free pool this winter

  • Keep an eye on your skimmer basket. Excess debris will clog water flow and can damage your pumps.
  • Check and empty your sweep bag.
  • Scoop out excess leaves from the pool.

Get in touch if you have questions. Otherwise, enjoy the season and we’ll get back to you with news and tips in the spring.

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