New swimming pool surfaces are far superior to what was used in the past.

Swimming Pool SurfacesIn Marin County, plaster has been the finish of choice for many years. It still provides a beautiful finish but has definite disadvantages such as:

  • it stains easily,
  • has a relatively short life span,
  • looks best in white (colors mottle and streak over time), and
  • should not be acid washed (this process etches the “skin” which is what makes it smooth and leaves a rough surface susceptible to algae growth).


Crystal Clear Pools recommends mini pebble finishes. Unlike the old large pebble products, mini pebble is smooth to the touch and is available in a large selection of colors. The color does not fade or change in any way over the years. Mini pebble finishes can be acid washed if stains appear many times with no damage. These surfaces also last much longer than plaster.

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